Bifurcating Hiranyakashipu

Fighting Hiranyakashipu

Pacifying the Lord

The Lord killing Hiranyakashipu's army

Sunday May 7th 4:30 PM
Tuesday May 9th 6:30 PM


Congregation Participation
Bathing of Lord Nrisimhadeva


Lord Nrisimadev Drama

Who is Lord Nrisimhadeva continued

In this way the demon thought he could not die by any means. 
However when Lord Krishna's pure devotee's life was at stake, the Lord appeared in this amazing powerful form to kill the demon Hiranyakashipu.
In order to uphold the benediction that Lord Brahma gave to Hiranyakashipu, The Lord appeared neither during the day or night but at dusk, not as an animal nor human but as half man half animal. He did not use a weapon but His own fingernails.
In this way all the benedictions were counteracted and the demon was brought to justice by a horrific death.

However, because Hiranyakashipu was killed directly by the Lord, he attained impersonal liberation.
Such is the mercy of the Supreme Lord.

Just think! If a demon of the Lord gets liberated by being killed by the Lord just imagine the positive results the Lord gives to His devotees.

Hare Krishna!



4:30 PM ....  Kirtan

5:30 ..............Gaura Arati with Kirtan

5:55 ........... Nrisimhadev Prayers

6:15 ... Drama Lord Nrisimhadev
by Saranagati Village Youth

7:00 .......  Prasadam Feast

8:00 .......... Arati with Kirtan
  & Slide Show


6:30 PM .................. Garua Arati / Kirtan
6:55 ...................... Nrsimhadev Prayers
7:10 ........
Class about Lord Nrisimhadeva  

8:00 ......... Congregation participation
Bathing of Lord Nrisimhadeva with

Continuous Feasting

Who is Lord Nrisimhadeva?

       Lord Nrisimhadeva is the half man half lion incaranation of Lord Krishna who came to protect His pure devotee, Pralad from the aggression of his demoniac father Hiranyakashipu.

Hiranyakashipu was the most powerful demon in the entire universe who terrorized demigods and devotees including his own five year old son Pralad.

After viciously attempting to kill his son, because he was a devotee of the supreme Lord, the Lord in the form of Nrisimhadeva intervened to protect Pralad and kill Hiranyakashipu.

Hiranyakashipu wanted to become immortal so after performing severe austerities to please Lord Brahma, he received the benedictions of not being killed during the day or night nor by any weapon nor by any animal or human nor on land or in the sky etc.